Mia Graffam was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where she learned her trade. Honolulu's rich history of American Traditional tattooing by the likes of Sailor Jerry and Mike Malone greatly influenced the imagery that she is drawn to in both her tattoos and paintings. A recent transplant from Brooklyn, NY, where she further refined her craft, she brings bright colors or smooth black and gray and bold, clean outlines to each piece she tattoos. Her paintings have been featured in multiple galleries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Hawaii and she is a featured artist in several publications. A traveler as well, Mia has toured the country doing multiple guest spots and tattooing on the road. 


Max Nance is a Nashville native who specializes in strong, bold, traditional tattoos. He enjoys traveling and tattooing across the country which has been beneficial to his trade. Max also enjoys painting in his time between tattoos. 


AJ Lingefeldt has been tattooing since 2000 and building tattoo machines since 2008. Well traveled and well versed in every style, he has mastered American Traditional tattooing, black and gray, as well as Japanese. He keeps busy with working with his hands as well; painting flash, leather woking, metal-smithing, you name it. 



Joshua is our newest member of Victory Tattoo. Bio coming soon.