Mia Graffam was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii where she began tattooing ten years ago. Honolulu's rich history of American Traditional tattooing by the likes of Sailor Jerry and Mike Malone greatly influenced the imagery that she is drawn to in both her tattoos and paintings. She made the move from Brooklyn, NY, to Nashville over 5 years ago, where she further refined her craft. She enjoys using bright colors or smooth black and gray and crisp, clean outlines. Her paintings have been featured in multiple galleries in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Hawaii and she is a featured artist in several publications. Mia has traveled across the country doing multiple guest spots and tattooing on the road. 


Ian Camp has began tattooing in 2000 in Utica, NY. He has worked in Syracuse, Boston, Houston, and Nashville over his 18 year career. Specializing in all styles, he takes his job very seriously in all aspects and has incredible respect for tattooing and his clients. 


Chris Lacy has been tattooing for 12 years and is well versed in a variety of styles to suit your tattooing needs. He enjoys all styles but leans towards a traditional approach. Originally from Temecula, CA, where he began to tattoo, he has worked in Nashville and surrounding areas in Tennessee for the past few years. He is well traveled, having done guest spots in various states over the years. He's worked in CA, WA, OR, TN, VA, and NM. He also enjoys painting in his free time. 


Jake Hodson is a tattooer originally from California. He specializes in a variety of styles and is a talented and well rounded tattooer. He is a prolific painter in his free time. He is one of the newest members of Victory Tattoo.


Danielle is one of our newest members of Victory Tattoo and we are excited to welcome her from California. Danielle’s tattoos are easily recognizable and are expertly applied, with great attention to design and imagery. Check out her portfolio below.


Brandon Swanson specializes in American Traditional Tattooing but welcomes several other styles. Brandon moved to Nashville from NYC, where he began tattooing.